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Key Findings from What Works: Developing Successful Multigenerational Leadership

In 2010, Building Movement Project released a breakthrough report on what creates successful multigenerational leadership in the workplace. The What Works report examines when leaders do their best work, what constitutes a good workplace, and how to improve on our ability to retain, support, and promote staff across generations. This fact sheet highlights the key findings from that report and offers our recommendations for how to create generational harmony in the workplace. It's a great resource to start with when thinking about how your own organization can improve the way it allows different generations to do their best work. more

Millennials in the Workplace: BMP Guest Blog at Social Citizens

In the lead up to the Millennial Donor Summit, hosted by the Case Foundation on Junee 22nd, Director of Leadership & Communications, Caroline McAndrews was asked to guest blog over at Social Citizens. Read her post about the evolution of the multigenerational workplace. more

Building Movement Project featured in Nonprofit World

This month’s issue of Nonprofit World features both an article written by Building Movement Project Director, Frances Kunreuther, and another profiling BMP’s Director of Civic Engagement, Trish Tchume. Check out Are You Prepared for the Multigenerational Workplace? and Who Are Young Leaders?. more

Team Member Robby Rodriguez discusses Bridging Generation Gaps at Nonprofits

Read the transcript from this recent live web discussion hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which looks at the causes of generation gaps among nonprofit workers and practical strategies for closing the divide. more

BMP’s Trish Tchume on Generational Leadership Panel hosted by American Express Philanthropy

Trish Tchume, Building Movement Project's Director of Civic Engagement, will be participating on the Generational Leadership Panel hosted by American Express Philanthropy this Friday November 5th, from 1:30 – 3:00 pm. This engaging panel will focus on the generational gap between emerging and current nonprofit leaders and will examine the critical importance of leadership development in the nonprofit sector. more

Mobilize.org Launches Target 2020

To offer Millennials the tools they need to achieve their personal educational goals and realize the impact it can have on their communities by the year 2020, Mobilize.org will convene three Democracy 2.0 Summits in North Carolina (October 22-24, 2010), California and Florida (dates TBD), titled “Target 2020: My Education. Our Future.” more

BMP Team Members featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy

A series of articles in last week’s Chronicle of Philanthropy featured BMP Project Team members Robby Rodriguez and Helen S. Kim, and included data and recommendations from Working Across Generations and the newly released What Works: Developing Successful Multigenerational Leadership. more

Working Across Generations

Now available! Working Across Generations, winner of the Axiom Gold Medal for Philanthropy, offers a comprehensive look at the leadership and generational shifts in the nonprofit sector. Order your copy now! more

Up Next

In late 2002, the Building Movement Project conducted a survey with leaders in community-based nonprofits to identify core generational values, and variations in leadership style, in order to assess "best practices" for facilitating smooth transition of leadership. In 2004, the study was presented to groups of young leaders around the country. Their reactions and reflections accompany original survey findings in the final Up Next report, along with suggested methods for successful, productive changes in leadership. more

Generational Leadership Listening Sessions

A follow-up to 2002's Generational Changes and Leadership: Implications for Social Change Organizations, this study explores critical issues facing younger leaders in the context of leadership transition from the Baby Boomers to a new generation. more

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