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Aurea Montes-Rodriguez

Aurea is the Vice President of Organizational Growth at Community Coalition, a social justice non-profit based in South Los Angeles. Born in Mexico but raised in South L.A., Aurea is responsible for the development and sustainability of the organization. She is a passionate advocate and community organizer focusing on building black and brown unity, and has been working in South L.A. for over fifteen years.  Aurea built a development team responsible for an organizational budget of $3 million, including public and private grants, an annual gala and various grassroots fundraising efforts.  She has also helped lead efforts aiming to strengthen and support family care in South LA by ensuring that grandparents, aunts and other relatives who care for children no longer living with their parents receive better treatment and a fairer distribution of resources within the child welfare system. This work has prevented thousands of children from entering the foster care system and being tracked into homelessness and prison by helping them stay with their families and in their community.  She also led a partnership effort that resulted in the first “state of the art” Kinship support center in South Los Angeles that offers programs, services, support and community organizing training to relative caregivers in to improve the health and wellbeing of their relative children. Aurea is a yogi, and loves spending time at the beach with her husband and children, Diego, Maya Nayeli, and Joaquin.

Contact Aurea at aurea@cocosouthla.org